Kreepy Krauly Dominator Lite Tune Up Kit

  • R 999.00

Please note that the lite tune up kit is for the smaller Dominator pool cleaner.

These parts will not fit onto the standard Dominator pool cleaner.


Kreepy Krauly Dominator Lite tune up kit contains the following parts.

1 x Kreepy Krauly  Dominator Lite Mushroom

1 x  Kreepy Krauly Dominator Lite Drive Shaft Short

1 x Kreepy Krauly  Dominator Lite Drive Shaft Long

1 x Kreepy Krauly  Dominator Bearing

1 x Kreepy Krauly Dominator Wheel Hub

1 x Kreepy Krauly Dominator Lite Bearing Housing Spring

3 x Kreepy Krauly Dominator Lite Drive Gears