Pool Lab Power Boost 500g

  • R 70.00


Introducing Zodiac Pool Lab Power Boost 500g - your essential shock treatment solution for revitalizing your swimming pool.
Designed to shock treat your pool, this powerful formula effectively restores water clarity and hygiene, ensuring a clean and safe swimming environment.
Key Features:
  • Specifically formulated to shock treat your swimming pool.
  • Revitalizes water clarity and hygiene for a clean and safe swimming experience.
  • Powerful formula for rapid and effective shock treatment.
  • Convenient 500g packaging for easy application and dosage control.
  • Trusted by pool owners for superior shock treatment and pool maintenance.
With Zodiac Pool Lab Power Boost 500g, you can revitalize your swimming pool and enjoy a clean, clear, and safe swimming experience all season long.
Trust Zodiac for reliable solutions that keep your pool water balanced, clear, and inviting.