Spec Badu Solar Smart Swimming Pool Pump

Speck Badu Solar Smart Pool Pump

  • R 9,999.00

BADU® solar smart swimming pool pump

The African sun is renowned, and the region’s exceptional weather makes it the perfect location for harnessing solar energy through photovoltaic (PV) systems. With an average of nearly 9 hours of daily sunlight, there is ample energy to power swimming pools or Koi ponds during the day.  

Sunlight illuminates the solar panels for this unit, generating DC electricity. Electricity then travels from the panels to the controller box situated atop the pump, allowing the pump to operate. It can run on solar alone or in conjunction with power from the grid to ensure consistent water quality.

To achieve optimal power generation, the solar panels are installed in rows and aligned towards true North in the Southern Hemisphere and true South in the Northern Hemisphere. The panels’ tilt should match the latitude of your location, for example, 33˚ for Cape Town, 29˚ for Durban, 26˚ for Johannesburg, and 25˚ for Pretoria.

All BADU® units are designed and constructed from the finest materials to ensure superior product quality.

The badu Solar smart is equivalent to a 0.75kW swimming pool pump.and is used in conjunction with 2 x 550 watt solar panels (sold separately)