Speck pool pump, filter & DB box combination unit

Speck Badu Pool Filter & Pump Combination Units

  • R 10,995.00

The quality of material, workmanship, and functional durability of the BADU®Porpoise pump range is unmatched.

Meanwhile, the AQUASWIM® sand filter range is known for its strength, reliability, and user-friendly operation.

To find the total dynamic head (m) and water flow rate (Q in m³) for the BADU®Combi unit, please refer to the performance curves provided in the BADU®Porpoise pump and AQUASWIM® filter ranges.

The BADU®Combi range undergoes rigorous factory testing and comes with a 24-month ex-factory warranty on the pump, filter tank, multiport valve, and internal parts from the date of purchase, given normal operating conditions.