Zodiac AX20 ACTIV Automatic Pool Cleaner

  • R 4,830.00

The Zodiac AX20 ACTIVE featuring adaptive debris management with cyclonic scrubbing action that has the following key features:
MaX-Drive Navigation 360 
This inures maximum pool coverage thanks to the 360 degree navigation dual drive assembly and wide  35cm cleaning path.
Next Generation Engine
The next gen engine has a new design and can handle lang stringy debris as well as sand debris.
Cyclonic Scrubbing Action
a Deeper clean with dual active scrubbers. 
The cyclonic scrubbing action tackles fine stuck on debris.
New Track Guards
The track guards keeps the tracks in place while the pool cleaner moves around the pool and climbs walls.
Convertible Debris Inlet
Adjustable inlet opening depending on whether to capture small or large debris up to 4cm
Flow Regulator Valve
Controls high flow conditions through cleaner for optimal performance and longevity.
Packaging content:
1 x AX20 Activ Pool Cleaner Head
7 x 1.2m Long Life Twist Lock Hoses
1 x Flow Regulator Valve
1 x Auto Weir Valve With 90 Degree Elbow
1 x Zodiac Hose Protector
1 x Quick Start Guide