Zodiac EXO IQ Salt Water Chlorinator

  • R 17,189.00

Enhance Your Pool Experience with the Zodiac EXO IQ Swimming Pool Saltwater Chlorinator
Elevate your pool management with the advanced features of the Zodiac EXO IQ Swimming Pool Saltwater Chlorinator.
Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this chlorinator is designed to offer unparalleled convenience and control for pool owners.
iAquaLink Integration: Effortlessly monitor and control your pool remotely through the integrated WiFi chip. With iAquaLink, take charge of your pool's settings anytime, anywhere, putting complete control in your hands.
User-Friendly Mobile App: Access the iAquaLink mobile app via the Play Store or App Store, empowering you to oversee and customize pool settings directly from your smartphone.
Smart Temperature Sensor: Easily track your pool's water temperature in real-time on your phone, ensuring optimal comfort during your swimming sessions.
Automated Output Adjustment in Cold Conditions: Prevent undue strain on the chlorinator cell by automatically adapting output levels in colder water.
This proactive feature helps cut down on maintenance costs over time.
Customizable Pump Speed Control: Take command of your pump's speed, reducing energy consumption with precision.
Moreover, the EXO communicates seamlessly with RS485 enabled pumps, boosting the overall system's efficiency.