Zodiac Pool Lab Ezy Clarifier 2kg

  • R 75.00

Introducing Zodiac Pool Lab Ezy Clarifier - your ultimate solution for achieving crystal clear pool water with ease.
Designed to address cloudy water concerns, Zodiac Pool Lab Ezy Clarifier is formulated to swiftly and effectively transform murky pool water into a sparkling oasis.
Cloudiness in pool water often results from suspended particles and debris that evade filtration systems.
With Zodiac Pool Lab Ezy Clarifier, these particles are swiftly coagulated and settled, leaving your pool water clear and inviting. Say goodbye to cloudy water woes and hello to the clarity your pool deserves.
Key Features:
  • Turns cloudy pool water crystal clear effortlessly
  • Formulated to coagulate and settle suspended particles
  • Restores sparkle and brilliance to your pool water
  • Fast-acting solution for visible results
  • Trusted by pool owners for superior clarity and performance
Don't let cloudy water dampen your pool enjoyment.
Choose Zodiac Pool Lab Ezy Clarifier for a quick and effective solution to cloudy water problems, ensuring your pool remains inviting and pristine for endless enjoyment.
Trust Zodiac for reliable solutions that keep your pool water crystal clear all season long.