Zodiac Pool Lab Power Clarifier Granules

  • R 375.00

Introducing Zodiac Pool Lab Power Clarifier Granules - your go-to solution for transforming cloudy pool water into crystal clear perfection.
Specifically designed to address cloudy water conditions, these powerful granules effectively coagulate and remove suspended particles, restoring water clarity and enhancing the overall appearance of your pool.
Key Features:
  • Turns cloudy water crystal clear for enhanced pool aesthetics.
  • Granular form for easy application and distribution.
  • Coagulates and removes suspended particles to improve water clarity.
  • Fast-acting formula for visible results.
  • Trusted by pool owners for superior clarity and performance.
With Zodiac Pool Lab Power Clarifier Granules, you can enjoy a pool that sparkles and shines, ensuring a clean and inviting swimming experience for you and your loved ones.
Trust Zodiac for premium pool care products that deliver exceptional results.