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Zodiac Pool Lab Sparkle Tab

  • R 55.00

Introducing Zodiac Pool Lab Sparkle Tab - your ultimate solution for turning cloudy pool water crystal clear.

Specifically formulated to eliminate cloudiness and restore clarity, these convenient tabs are a must-have for any pool owner striving for pristine water quality.

Key Features:

  • Effectively turns cloudy water crystal clear for enhanced pool aesthetics.
  • Convenient tabs for easy application and dosage control.
  • Removes suspended particles and impurities for improved water clarity.
  • Fast-acting formula for visible results.
  • Trusted by pool owners for superior clarity and performance.

With Zodiac Pool Lab Sparkle Tab, you can enjoy a pool that sparkles and shines, ensuring a clean and inviting swimming experience for you and your loved ones.

Trust Zodiac for premium pool care products that deliver exceptional results.